Workshop “Fidelity” – pollution in the Raska Bay

Workshop “Fidelity – Pollution in the Raška Bay” was organized by ATRAC on October 3rd 2018 in Rijeka.

The “Fidelity” ship, 115.3 meters long and 5 395 gt, sailing under the Lebanese flag, caused pollution of the sea in the Raška Bay on June 22nd 2018. According to the first estimates, during the loading of the propulsion fuel, while the ship was in the harbour, between 5 and 15 tons of medium heavy fuel oil leaked into the bay.

ATRAC moderated a discussion which gathered representatives from Croatian Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, Primorje-Gorski kotar county, along with representatives from other coastal counties and all the stakeholders directly involved in the Fidelity case and the preparedness and response system in Croatia.

On-scene commander of Istria County Operational Centre Dolores Brenko-Škerjanc, head of Raša municipality Glorija Paliska and head of maritime protection service in Dezinsekcija company Goran Komazec brought out the facts and their own considerations regarding the case. The participants were discussing about what has been done to reduce the harmful effects of oil spill and what lessons we all learned from this case, as well as key changes that need to be made in the existing contingency plans.

This pollution that occurred at the beginning of the tourist season has caused great public and media interest and is certainly one of the most significant oil spills in Croatia. The conclusions brought out in this workshop point out that there is a constant risk from this type of pollution and that the existing system for preparedness and response to oil spills needs improvement in order to mitigate the risk and negative impacts of marine pollution from ships.