Training course in Belgrade

Oct 22, 2021

After successful co-operation in 2020 with Public Water Management Company “Srbijavode” during which ATRAC drafted a document entitled “Procedures for responding to accidental water pollution and a training plan for operational staff” which analyzed the dangers threatening rivers in the Republic of Serbia, the current system of preparedness and response, a list of currently available specialized equipment and suggestions for improving the system of readiness and procurement of equipment, ATRAC and “Srbijavode” continued their successful co-operation this year. ATRAC delivered a two-day training course “Implementation of response measures in case of accidental water pollution” which took place in Belgrade. This is the first-ever held course on this topic in the Republic of Serbia.

The course was attended by members of “Srbijavode” and other public water management companies from Serbia. Topics that were covered are related to the behavior and properties of spilled oil on waters, the impact of pollution on the environment and the economy, the steps of the initial intervention, health and safety at work and response methods and specialized equipment used to remove pollution, which also included a demonstration of equipment. The participants were extremely interested in discussing and exchanging experiences on water pollution, which created the basis for their further fight against water pollution by oil and other hazardous and noxious substances.