Training course for PA of Split Dalmatia County

Oct 31, 2019

Split-Dalmatia County is territorially the biggest Croatian coastal county, with Port of Split as one of the leading passenger ports in maritime traffic. Besides large cruise ships sailing into Port of Split, due to numerous islands in the County there is an intense daily passenger traffic, while during the summer season there is significant increase in the number of yachts and recreational ships in smaller ports and marinas.

Considering the intensity of maritime traffic and the potential risk of marine pollution in ports and marinas, Administrative Department of Tourism and Maritime Affairs of Split-Dalmatia County has organized a two-day training course for Port Authority staff and concessioners that operate on the maritime domain of ports, marinas, industry etc.

Training course was held on 29-30 October 2019, with total of 50 participants. The goal of this education was to the participants an introduction to oil spills and potential risks on their area, and to provide information and discussion on Tier 1 Contingency Plans, which will become obligatory for certain concessioners upon the update of the existing National Contingency Plan.