Inland spill co-operation with Srbijavode

18. 12. 2020.

Although ATRAC’s focus so far has been on marine pollution, inland water pollution is becoming more frequent and can have potentially very serious consequences for the health and quality of human lives and economic activity in the affected area. After the first meeting in Belgrade last year, in 2020, ATRAC signed a contract with the Public Water Management Company “Srbijavode” and thus for the first time achieved cooperation in the field of prevention, preparedness, and response to accidental pollution of inland waters.

ATRAC has prepared a document entitled “Procedures for responding to accidental water pollution and a training plan for operational staff” which analyzes the dangers threatening rivers in the Republic of Serbia, the current preparedness and response system, and a list of currently available specialized equipment procurement of equipment. With this document, ATRAC created the basis for conducting a training course for management and operational staff involved in the water pollution response system over the next year.