Pollution in Urinj – Kostrena area

Nov 10, 2022

On the day of November 10th 2022, ATRAC was notified by a citizen of Rijeka that there was case of accidental marine pollution in Urinj – Kostrena area. After being notified, ATRAC’s staff went to said location and evaluated the situation. The coastline of Kostrena was polluted over a 1.5km area by heavy fuel oil. In front of the shoreline there was still floating heavy fuel oil, that threatens the rest of clean coastline by being carried with sea currents and wind. For everyone involved in response and cleanup operations, the primary task will be to collect the oil that is still floating in the sea, and after that the focus can be moved to removing the oil that has remained on rocks and pebble beaches. These activities could take weeks of work before being done.