PEPSEA project meeting in Bari

Sep 22, 2021

ATRAC participated in the public meeting “Fighting together against marine pollution” within the PEPSEA Project on September 15, 2021, in Bari, Italy. The meeting was successfully organized by the Chamber of Commerce Bari in a hybrid form: in the hall of the Chamber for project partners and in an online form for interested institutions and other stakeholders of the project. Project partners presented the implemented activities at the Pilot locations, Kaštela Bay, Canal of Saint Ante, Sali Bay, and the Delta of river Po, as well as planned activities until the end of the Project. By the end of this year, ATRAC will develop an education program according to which trainings will be held at the pilot location during February and March next year. The trainings will include key content in the field of preparedness and response to sudden pollution of the marine environment.

On the next day, September 16, 2021, a meeting of the Project Steering Commitee was held to discuss all aspects of the PEPSEA project in order to successfully implement ongoing and remaining project activities.