Inland spill co-operation with Srbijavode

Oct 21, 2019

ATRAC met with the directors and associates of Serbia’s Public Water Management Company „Srbijavode“ on October 17th in their premises in Belgrade to discuss the cooperation in the field of prevention, preparedness and response to oil spills in inland waters.

Although ATRAC’s activities are primarily focused on marine pollution, oil spills in inland waters are becoming more and more frequent, with potentially serious consequences on the quality of human lives and economic activities in the area.

ATRAC’s key mission will be to assist Srbijavode in improving the preparedness and response capacities, while building knowledge and understanding of the risks, strategies, equipment and response procedures in case of an inland spill. In the upcoming period ATRAC plans to develop training programmes and deliver training courses to the management and the operational staff involved in responding to inland spills, which will create the base for a more efficient system and future activities.

In this regard, we consider this cooperation to be very important, taking into account that this is the first initiative of this kind towards improving the existing preparedness and response systems to inland spills in our region.