Exercise ‘Sea 2022’ – Zadar

Sep 28, 2022

On the day of September 22nd 2022, ATRAC was a part of an exercise that was held in the city of Zadar. This exercise was organized by the County Operational Center (COC) of Zadar County with which ATRAC has a contract, and it had a supervising role. Members of Zadar Couty COC, Harbour Master’s Office of Zadar, Maritime police of Zadar and members of Ciklon d.o.o. company have also participated in this exercise alongside ATRAC.

Exercise started at 9:43AM, when the Port captain of Zadar informed the 112 emergency center of an accidental pollution that was simulated by using popcorn. The pollution was located between the Gazenica port and the town of Preko on the island of Ugljan. This exercise was used as a mean of testing the response time, functionality of emergency contacts and the use of booms and skimmers for removal of pollution. Ciklon d.o.o. used their own equipment to test their team’s preparedness for accidental spills.

At the end of the exercise a meeting was held in which ATRAC had shared it’s remarks and gave suggestions to improve future exercises.