Event ”Clean Sea and Coast 2022”

Jun 15, 2022

On the day of June 6th 2022, ATRAC has participated in the traditional event of cleaning the coast ‘’Clean Sea and Coast 2022’’, on the island of sv. Marko and in the Voz cove located on the island of Krk. This event was organized for the World Environment Day by the Primorje and Gorski kotar County. Alongside ATRAC, participants of this event also included the students and professors of Maritime school Bakar, members of the County Operational Center, workers of Dezinsekcija d.o.o., divers and members of civil protection Rijeka, meanwhile, the whole event was supervised by the Harbour Master’s Office of Rijeka.

This year it was concluded that this event together with the ones before it were successful, reason being that there is less and less waste to be removed. While the members of ATRAC, Maritime school Bakar and worker of Dezinsekcija were cleaning the land part of the coast, the divers were removing the waste from underwater, and the biggest part of waste removed from underwater were old automobile tires. This event was broadcast to the public through media as it is used for raising awareness about the importance of clean sea, especially in our area where tourism is strongly connected to the sea.

The company Dezinsekcija d.o.o. from Rijeka, took care of safely disposing of the collected waste.