Training course held for Public Water Management Company ‘Srbijavode’

Nov 7, 2022

On November 2nd and 3rd 2022, ATRAC held a training course ”Operational implementation of response measures’ in Republic of Serbia, city of Niš. The main objective of this training course was to improve preparedness and response capabilities in cases of accidental pollution on inland waters, which are increasing in recent times. The participants of this training course were members of a Public water management company ‘’Srbijavode’’, and they were introduced to subjects of the negative impact of hydrocarbons on inland water ecosystems in case of accidental oil spills, their negative effect on human health, existing early detection strategies and interventions, as well as the effect of accidental oil spills on economy and environment.

Part of this training course was focused on existing technologies that are used as prevention means, which makes accidental oil spills from refineries and pipelines less possible. A demonstration of the equipment that is used to contain oil spills and clean them up was held at the end of the training course, which allowed the participants of the training course would be familiarized with said equipment.

The course was closed with a joint discussion with positive feedback from training course participants.