ATRAC delivers Training course on response to marine oil spills in Tunisia

Nov 22, 2021

In collaboration with The Mediterranean Oil Industry Group (MOIG), ATRAC organized the IMO OPRC level 2 course in Tunisia. The event gathered 29 delegates from MOIG members, relevant Tunisian stakeholders, and oil and gas Libyan companies. The main objectives of this training course were to prepare Supervisors and On-Scene Commanders to coordinate and manage the response to an oil spill. The training also aims at informing senior officials, designated to act as Supervisors/On-Scene Commanders during spill response operations, on the responsibilities of the members of an oil spill response organization and on how to effectively respond to an oil spill through the deployment of equipment and resources at the regional area or National levels.

The first two days of the course were dedicated to presentations on the topics of oil pollution, examples of major maritime accidents that resulted in marine pollution, properties and behavior of oil, its impact on the environment and economy, response options, media relations, completion of operations and other important topics that will help them in their future work. On the third day, a table-top exercise was held in which participants were presented with a simulated case of a maritime accident off the coast of Tunisia to test their readiness in case of marine pollution. The course was delivered by the director of ATRAC and an associate with the help of a representative of the Turkish company Meke Marine.