Advice and information

Upon request, ATRAC provides professional advice to local, regional and national authorities, including advisory services in case of an incident.

ATRAC provides advice in:

  • Conducting activities focused on improving the existing level of preparedness and response capacities of local, regional and national systems and other institutions involved;
  • Educating operational staff and experts involved in implementation of local, regional and national contingency plans;
  • Preparing and organizing exercises to test and improve relevant preparedness and response systems.

In case of an incident resulting in oil or HNS pollution, it is essential to have all the relevant information in order to make decisions. Knowledge on physical, chemical and toxicological properties of the spilled material, risks they present to human health and marine environment, as well as proper response techniques and methods, is necessary to deal with oil and HNS spills. Besides that, response teams should have an easy access to databases, risk prediction models and supporting systems in order to make quick and proper decisions.

ATRAC’s goal is to help relevant authorities in making decisions in case of an incident resulting in marine pollution, in order to quickly provide all the relevant information on behaviour, risks and response possibilities for each specific oil or HNS spill, to competent local, regional or national authorities.


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