Workshop on “Raising Awareness on pollution in Adriatic sea”

Nov 12, 2021

On Thursday, November 11, 2021, ATRAC participated in a workshop on “Raising Awareness on pollution in Adriatic sea” organized by the Zadar County Operational Center (COC). The workshop presented the activities of COC in recent years and the role of the county in the system of preparedness and response to accidental pollution of the marine environment. ATRAC presented the Marine pollution risk Assessment in the Adriatic with special reference to Zadar County and presented a future initiative for the protection of the Adriatic Sea by connecting all coastal counties/regions of all Adriatic countries.

After the workshop, a part of the existing specialized equipment for responding to accidental sea pollution in Zadar County was presented on the Liburnian coast in cooperation with the specialized company Ciklon d.o.o. The demonstration of the equipment attracted the attention of visitors and numerous media.