Welcome to the web site of Adriatic Training and Research Centre for accidental marine pollution preparedness and response – ATRAC.

Our centre’s key role is to provide training in matters related to accidental marine pollution preparedness and response, to the personnel from the Adriatic countries… MORE


Pollution in Urinj – Kostrena area

  On the day of November 10th 2022, ATRAC was notified by a citizen of Rijeka that there was case of accidental marine pollution in Urinj - Kostrena area. After being notified, ATRAC's staff went to said location and evaluated the situation. The coastline of Kostrena...

MOIG Regional Workshop 2022

  From the 25th of October to 27th of October a regional workshop was held in the Ambasador hotel in Opatija, Croatia on the topic of Enhancing Oil Spill Preparedness and Response in the Adriatic and Mediterranean Regions. The workshop was organized by MOIG, ATRAC and...